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Utilities Updates: ABFR; SuperDuper!; Xnippets; DVDxDV

Utilities Updates: ABFR; SuperDuper!; Xnippets; DVDxDV

A Better Finder Rename v6.2.1 is a utility for renaming multiple files in the Finder. This version fixes a crashing bug introduced in version 6.2.

SuperDuper! v1.1(56) is a utility for backing up, cloning, and restoring data. This version adds a number of feature enhancements.

Xnippets v1.2 is a utility for capturing and organizing information clippings. This update adds a few minor features and improvements.

DVDxDV v1.0.7 is a utility to extract content from unprotected DVDs. This version adds video scaling.

  • A Better Finder Rename v6....
  • SuperDuper! v1.1(56)
  • Xnippets v1.2
  • DVDxDV v1.0.7
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