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Utilities Updates: A Better Finder series; A-Dock; Clean Desk; Name Cleaner; Writer; more

Utilities Updates: A Better Finder series; A-Dock; Clean Desk; Name Cleaner; Writer; more

A Better Finder software has updated its line of "A Better Finder" utilities. Yesterday, we noted the release of A Better Finder Rename 3.6. Today, we note the release of A Better Finder Creators & Types 2.1.1, A Better Finder Attributes 1.6.1, A Better Finder Select 2.1.1 and A Better Finder Info 1.1.1. The programs were updated in order to be compatible with the company's new upgrading model and registration code model.

A-Dock 2.3b3 is similar to the Application Switcher that comes built-in with Mac OS 9, except that it does more, such as stick to one place on the screen, use contextual menus, and more. The new version fixes some bugs.

Clean Desk 1.3 will 'Remember' the positions of the icons (on your desktop) that you choose. Then whenever you change resolutions and your icons have moved, you simply run Clean Desk (or use the include Control Strip Module), click "Restore Positions" and your desktop will automatically look the way it did before.

NameCleaner 2.1 is a utility for the Macintosh OS to manipulate file names and types. The update adds support for Internet Config or Internet control panel file mappings, optional case sensitivity, recursive searching, character and string wildcards to the Find and Replace Phrases cleaner and several minor interface improvements.

Writer 1.7 is designed to be a replacement for SimpleText, boasting a more user-friendly interface, and support for things like proportional scroll boxes and themes.

ImageViewer 5.4b3 is an update to this application for locating, displaying, organizing and printing images (GIF, JPEG, PICT, TIFF, as well as many other file types). It can also convert file types from one to another.

Diamond RioVolt 1.08f will update the RioVolt portable MP3/WMA player to firmware version 1.08f. This is the original shipping firmware on this unit, and is provided for those that want to flash their RioVolt down to the original firmware. [Update: This is separate from the Rio 600, which had a firmware update for a battery problem (see previous item). Todd Bangerter explains: This firmware is 1.08f for the brand-new RioVolt, which is shaped like a portable CD player and plays CDs, either regular audio CDs or CDs with MP3 or WMA files. The reason why they posted the original firmware, is because they've posted a BETA firmware (1.09fr) which adds resume play. The original is posted in case you want to revert from the beta to the original firmware.]

Formac ProTV 2.6.0 is the latest software for the TV tuner/video capture card (listed as ProTV Stereo). The update fixes several bugs.

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