Utilities Updates

Utilities Updates

FreePPP 2.6.2 is out. For more details, check the FreePPP home page. Brian Best recommends deleting your old FreePPP software, especially your prefs files, before installing the new version. He started getting bus errors every time he tried to connect until he did this.

Sleeper 3.0.2 public beta is out. This version warns users if they have a Quantum Fireball ST hard drive that may contain a firmware bug (see also today's related Late-Breaker). The Sleeper Strip control strip module now allows users to temporarily turn off Sleeper, invoke its capabilities separately, and open the Sleeper control panel. Sleeper will not activate its screen saver when Toast or Virtual PC are running in the foreground.

Smart Scroll 3.2 is out. It is now Mac OS 8.1 compatible. It also adds support for Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop, Claris Organizer, and a number of applications built using Metrowerks's PowerPlant. It fixes scrolling in Netscape Navigator and Communicator, is compatible with Appearance 1.0.2 and DoubleScroll 2.2, and has many other improvements.

AppDisk 1.7 is out. The RAM disk utility is now PowerPC native and has been fully tested with Mac OS 8.1.

File Buddy 4.3.3 is out. The ReadMe file provides all sorts of additional details. The problem was fixed where moving files from one volume to another (a copy followed by a delete) could cause some files to be deleted before they were copied to the new volume.

Apple has released PowerBook Zoomed Video Update 1.3. It enhances system stability on PowerBook 3400 series, PowerBook 2400/180, and PowerBook G3 computers when running video conferencing applications using the Zoomed Video port. It also fixes compatibility problems with CU-SeeMe 3.1 and iVisit 1.0.

Apple has also released QuickTime 3.0f7.

Yamaha's CDR400 1.0k and CRW4260 CD 1.0f firmware upgrades are out. Hopefully, these address problems reported with the previous upgrades.

A QuicKeys PowerPack should be out by the end of March. It is an add-on application that enhances the functionality of QuicKeys, providing a dozen new time-saving features..

DragThing has a new home page.

VST extension update Phil Ershler writes "VST has an updated extension that is supposed to solve the problem of the PowerBook periodically going away for 10 of 15 seconds and then coming back, when a VST Zip drive is installed. VST Tech Support will mail it to anyone, free for the asking."

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