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Utilities Updates

Utilities Updates

MarginMaker Plus is a new program that provides "a quick, easy, and consistent way for setting all four margins when printing a document in most applications - even applications that do not provide their own margin settings. Additionally, MarginMaker Plus provides a WYSIWYG display of active fonts, lets you set custom point sizes when printing, allows you to select any active font for printing, and lets you print any selected text from your document."

WormScanner 2.1.1 is out. The only change from 2.1 is that it "uses the Osaka font when running under a Japanese system."

Chronos Consultant 2.24 is out. "The new version adds more Import Templates (Dynodex, Address Book Plus) and fixes some problems with Claris Organizer and TouchBase importing; List View sorting is easier;various other fixes are included." (This is my new calendar/contact application of choice, replacing Now Up-to-Date/Contact).

The authors of PowerMail 2.0.3 report that it is immune to the "long filename/MIME enclosure security bug."