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USS Enterprise flying disc goes from April Fools' joke to reality

Prepare to fling a flying-saucer section (with the rest of the Enterprise in tow) with ThinkGeek's Frisbee-style "Star Trek" spacecraft.

USS Enterprise flying disc
Explore strange new worlds at your local park. ThinkGeek

Every April 1, ThinkGeek unloads a flood of fake products onto an adoring public. Every year, fans of weird and nerdy merchandise wish those faux items were real. Fairy tales do come true on occasion. The 2014 April Fools' Day prank "Star Trek" USS Enterprise flying disc is now a real product you can buy.

The saucer part of the ship doubles as a Frisbee-like flying disc. It has a lip to curl your fingers under so you can throw it around at the park. That's pretty cool, but the best part is that the whole ship comes along for the ride. It's air-worthy thanks to the lightweight foam construction of the Enterprise body. The saucer part spins just like a regular flying disc.

The Enterprise toy carries the "NCC-1701" designation and warp nacelles with red highlights from the original series. It's the perfect play gear to take with you when you beam down to an alien planet for shore leave. ThinkGeek guarantees the flying disc will work on all M-class planets.

The flying disc is officially licensed "Star Trek" merchandise and will cost you $24.99 (about £17, AU$32).

The Enterprise flying disc is an enjoyably goofy entry in a world full of weird "Trek" merchandise (I'm looking at you, transporter shower curtain). Just remember, if it gets stuck in a tree, you won't have Scotty to bail you out.