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User shows how to access leaked Xbox Live dashboard

A blogger has posted video and instructions on how to access a supposedly leaked version of Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox Live dashboard.

The forthcoming Xbox Live dashboard redesign, which Microsoft showed at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this month. A user has posted a blog entry in which he has video explaining how to get access to newly-leaked versions of the dashboard. Daniel Terdiman/CNET News

If you're a big Xbox Live fan and don't feel like waiting until this fall for the big redesign of the service that Microsoft has promised, there's apparently a way to play with a leaked version of it now.

That's the word from a blog called XHavok87, which this weekend posted an entry--complete with video--showing how to do it.

According to the blog, the so-called "Xbox Experience" dashboard, which is due out in the fall and was unveiled by Microsoft at its big-budget press conference at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this month, has found its way onto the Web. The blog's author claims to have figured out how to play with the new dashboard, and is happily giving instructions on how others can do it, too.

To be sure, this doesn't sound like something that every Xbox Live user would be capable of. But if you're somewhat tech-savvy and don't have problems messing around with code, various Xbox security checks, burning CDs, and things like that, XHavok87's hack might just work for you.

Rather than trying to re-create the instructions here, I'll just say that the XHavok87 blog entry has them with a high degree of detail. I can't vouch for the efficacy of the instructions, having not tried them myself.

But the video that goes with the blog post does seem to speak for itself. And so, if this is all true, it would really be interesting to know what the good folks over at Xbox Live and Microsoft in general are saying right now as their big fall reveal seems to have made its way into the hands of users already.