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User-generated music videos invade! And Wot!

'Rudeboy I don't ramp. My squad don't ramp', accompanied by skateboarders hurting themselves, is genius

Trawling YouTube for funny clips, I've stumbled on what I think is a new phenomenon: the user-generated music video. It basically involves an established or up-and-coming artist harnessing the power of YouTube to create an official music video.

The Barenaked Ladies have done it with Sound of Your Voice but the UK's own Dubbledge has taken it a step further with the jaw-dropping Lips 2 Da Floor.

The video is composed entirely of YouTube clips, some of which you may already have seen. But the genius lies in the way the song lyrics reflect the on-screen action.

"I don't ramp. Rudeboy I don't ramp. My squad don't ramp", (as in 'I don't play around') followed by loads of skateboarders and bikers hurting themselves on ramps, is awesome in my opinion.

Check it out here and let me know if you see any similar vids on your travels.