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Used console games: Buy one, get one free

GameStop's got BOGO fever, offering a free used game when you buy a used game. But don't bother heading to your local store: this deal's online only.

GameStop doesn't do deals like this very often, so BOGO while you can. GameStop

Good news for PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo DS fans: GameStop has a buy-one-get-one-free (aka BOGO) offer on used games. Just use coupon code UBOGO at checkout.

Suffice it to say, this cheapskate is a big fan of going the used route, especially when it comes to games. And I appreciate that GameStop guarantees that each used title will include a box, manual, and working disc.

Granted, many of the used titles cost only about $10 less than their new counterparts. But, hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks, and when you throw a freebie into the mix, now you're getting somewhere.

So just as an example, you could buy Boom Blox for Wii (awesome game, by the way) for $24.99 and snag Resident Evil 4--normally $19.99--for free. (Obviously the least-expensive of the two games you choose will be the free one.)

Shipping is free if your grand total comes to at least $25, otherwise you'll pay around $3. In either case, sales tax applies in most states. The BOGO offer is good through March 24.

Think you'll take advantage of it? If so, hit the comments and let me know what games you scored.

Bonus deal: Remember the $29 Dell Wasabi pocket printer from the other day? If you missed it, OfficeMax has its kissing cousin, the Polaroid PoGo, for just $19.99--though with shipping and sales tax, you'll be right around $29 again.

Bonus deal No. 2: A pink multifunction printer, with Wi-Fi, for $59 shipped? That's the deal of the day from Dell. Um, not that I don't love pink or anything, but...Oh, phew, it's available in black for the same price.