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Use the Zune HD with a Mac

A YouTube user posts a how-to video on using the new Zune HD with the Mac OS.

Who says you can't use the Zune HD with a Mac? Well, I did, for one...but contrary to popular belief I sometimes actually enjoy admitting when I'm wrong. As a Mac user with a penchant for non-iPod MP3 players, I often feel left out in the cold, especially when I see shiny new devices like the Zune HD. Sure, I could always use Boot Camp, but I prefer not to clutter up my pretty Mac with Windows XP, thankyouverymuch. Plus, dual booting isn't exactly a seamless experience.

That's where VMWare Fusion comes into play. At $80, the software is about the same price as Windows XP Home--not cheap--but it provides a super simple way to run apps and connect devices that are otherwise relegated to Windows machines. Plus, it integrates seamlessly into the Dock. Of course, I would prefer if Microsoft would just make the Zune HD and Marketplace Mac-compatible to begin with, but in the meantime, this will have to suffice. To see how VMWare Fusion works with the Zune, check out the video below.

Thanks, Nick!