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USB touch pad extends multitouch to Windows OS

The SmartTrack touch pad offers multitouch to Windows users.

The SmartTrack pad arrives in Japan. Diatec

In yet another edition of "super rad gadgets that'll never touch American soil," we present the Diatec SmartTrack Neo USB touch pad. Aside from the Japanese product page, there isn't much information out there, but we do know that this small USB pad adds multitouch functionality to PCs, which is perfect timing for the upcoming release of Windows 7.

The touch pad is roughly 3 inches wide and an inch long and features two buttons on the bottom as well as a single USB cord that connects it to a computer. Once installed, the device supposedly enables pinching, pulling, swiping, and turning, much like the motions on an iPhone, and it even responds to gestures with more than one finger. Unfortunately, the Web site indicates that the hardware is only compatible with PCs, so Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini users can resume breathing.

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(Via Everything USB)