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USB storage for sale at the supermarket

SanDisk will add a $12.99, 32MB flash drive to its lineup of products sold in food and drug stores.

SanDisk is adding a 32MB Cruzer Mini USB flash drive to its line of less-expensive memory cards sold through food and drug stores, the company said on Tuesday.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based memory card maker launched its Shoot & Store line of memory cards in supermarkets and retail drug store chains in February 2004. According to an earlier statement, about 10,000 U.S. retail stores were selling SanDisk products as of June 2004.

32MB Cruzer Mini
Credit: SanDisk
32MB Shoot & Store Cruzer Mini

"SanDisk is broadening its Shoot & Store line from consumable digital film cards to encompass the Cruzer Mini line in order to reach a new segment of consumers--such as seniors, teens and women--that we do not currently reach with our traditional consumer electronics channels," Nelson Chan, executive vice president and general manager, consumer and handset business at SanDisk, said in a statement.

The 32MB Shoot & Store Cruzer Mini is available beginning this month with the suggested retail price of $12.99, the firm said.

USB flash drives have grown in popularity as a way of transferring personal computer data, images and audio files between home and office. Recently, a consortium of USB flash drive manufacturers, named U3, was set up to push the products beyond basic data storage.