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USB 'SpaceStation'--for all types of OCD

Flash drive storage hub would be popular with neat freaks and hoarders alike.


Some of us at Crave debated whether to post this item because of public-health responsibilities. We try not to encourage anything that might worsen the national epidemic of hoarding that apparently affects many of our readers (and some staffers).

So if you have any pack-rat inclinations, please proceed with caution as you read about this latest offering from Ultra. The "SpaceStation" is a hub about the size of a credit card that can dock six USB flash drives in capacities of 1GB or 2GB each.

It's good news for neatniks who need a way to organize their USB keys, as OhGizmo points out; at the other end of the OCD spectrum, however, it could just encourage more compulsive hoarding when purging might be a better solution. We're just sayin'.