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USB-C Apple Watch Magnetic Charger quietly debuts in store

Just in time to coincide with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

As the reviews of the new Apple Watch Series 4 trickle in and rumors of upcoming iPad Pro models with USB-C float, Apple slipped a USB-C version of its Magnetic Charger into its online store. 

The charger costs the same $30 (£30, AU$45) as the Type-A versions and looks like it will be available in-store, in the US at least, from Oct. 24.

It only comes in the short, 11.8 inch (0.3 meter) length at the moment, but you can use a USB-C extension cable if you need it to stretch further. The listing was spotted by 9to5Mac.

While a USB-C version doesn't seem like that big of a deal, many ultraportable laptops and two-in-ones these days are dropping the Type-A connections in favor of the smaller USB-C. Most of Apple's Macbook Pros have moved to USB-C-only as well.

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