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UsableLogin lets you use one password for all sites

Authentication service, announced at DemoFall, strengthens the codeword you choose by cryptographically combining it with additional random bits of data that are different for each site accessed.

SAN DIEGO--The password problem may finally be solved!

Usable Security Systems announced here at DemoFall on Monday a new service that will let people use one password on any site on the Web.

Basically, you will only have to remember one codeword for all the sites you log into, once the UsableLogin service launches in early 2009, says Rachna Dhamija, CEO and founder of Usable Security Systems.

The authentication service strengthens the codeword you choose by cryptographically combining it with additional random bits of data. The additional data is different for each site accessed and is dispersed on your PC and on Usable Security servers. That renders the codeword impossible for anyone else to guess but easy for you to remember.

Usable Security doesn't store or save the codeword, and it isn't displayed to Web sites.

The service allows you to view log-in activity across all your accounts through one dashboard. You can personalize your log-in with images you supply or pick from options so that you are assured that you are at the legitimate log-in. The service can be configured so that you can use it on different computers, such as at home and at work, but still remember only the on codeword.

Consumers will be able to download a browser extension that displays a UsableLogin box for free. It works with any site that accepts passwords and works with any operating system or browser.

Web sites will be able to offer the authentication service to their customers, for a fee that has yet to be determined, Dhamija says. The sites will be able to insert a snippet of JavaScript on their sites so the log-in box will be displayed.

In the future, the service will allow browsers to automatically remember the codeword for each session, she says.

On average users have about 25 accounts and users log in about eight times a day, she said in her demo.

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