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US$1 million Fury tournament launched

Upcoming MMO Fury seeks 600,000 worldwide players to share in a million dollar's worth of pre-launch tournament prizes. An Australian server is on the cards too.

Fury launch
Gamers got to play Fury at the Sydney launch.

Australian-based developer Auran is initiating a US$1 million pre-launch gaming tournament for its upcoming player-versus-player massively multiplayer online game Fury, which is slated to hit shelves globally this October.

The community contest, which is due to begin on the final three weekends of September (September 15th, 22nd, and 29th) will see both individuals and teams vie for a chance at a million dollars' worth of prizes, including PC hardware, Fury prepaid subscription time cards, and scholarships to study video game development. Hardware vendors Dell, Nvidia, and Altech have signed on for sponsorship.

Complete tournament entry information -- including the exact nature of the tournament and where to download the free prelaunch client for the game -- is available from the Fury Challenge website. Auran is expecting up to 600,000 players worldwide to participate.

Auran CEO Tony Hilliam called for the support of both the Australian games industry and retailers to help generate interest in the title, with the company emblazoning the game's launch presentation in Sydney last night with Australian Made stickers. The company is setting the goal of selling more than 33,000 copies of Fury to the Australian market, a number that would see it pass Auran's own Dark Reign game, which went on sale a decade ago this year.

Hilliam also went on to detail plans to open and maintain a dedicated Australian-hosted server for players if sales numbers reached 100,000 units. A locally-located server is a feature still not offered by Fury's biggest competitor, Blizzard's World of Warcraft. It does, however, offer US-hosted Oceanic realms.

Aussie model Siobhan Parekh,
once voted the 33rd sexiest woman in the world ...

has lent her facial features
to one of Fury's playable characters.

Fury's official media and channel partners launch also featured Aussie model Siobhan Parekh, who has been chosen to be the "official" face of the game, posing in a revealing Fury-themed photoshoot and lending her likeness. Auran artists have created a model based on her facial features, which will appear as a playable character in the game.