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US judge says HTC violated Nokia patents

The ITC has initially found the Taiwanese company in violation of two Nokia patents, in response to a claim filed last year.

The HTC One (right) and its downsized compatriot, the HTC One Mini. Josh Miller/CNET
In a preliminary ruling, the US International Trade Commission decided that HTC violated two patents owned by Nokia in developing its mobile phones and tablets.

Judge Thomas Pender, who posted the decision Monday on the ITC's Web site, found that Taiwan-based HTC infringed on one patent related to removing errors of radio signals, and another on dealing with different radio frequencies. The commission found no infringements on a third patent in question, which had to do with transmitting data from a computer to a mobile phone.

The ITC is expected to make a full decision early next year, by January 23. You can read the preliminary decision below: