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US Election Cycle exercise bike slaps you in the face

Embrace the punishing madness of America politics with a stationary bike that takes aim at your face.

Pedal through the politics.

Philip Johnson

The stress of a long, difficult presidential election cycle doesn't have to be over once Election Day is done and gone. You can keep that flame burning long into the future and get some exercise, too, if you buy the US Election Cycle. It's an exercise bike with a built-in "Hi-5 Wheel" equipped with red, white and blue gloves that slap you in the face as you pedal.

The modified stationary bike comes from graphic designer Philip Johnson. Johnson describes the US Election Cycle as "the world's first exercise machine to accurately re-create the feeling of an American election year."

"I wanted to make something that turned the sour mess of current US politics funny -- something everyone, no matter the political party, could agree on and laugh together about," he writes for Bored Panda.

There's only one cycle in existence, but Johnson is willing to part with it for $3,500 (about £2,825, AU$4,500). He's not in it for the cash, but he does admit the project is geared toward making something funny, achieving a sense of catharsis and providing some self-promotion. Mission accomplished.