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US Cellular picks up Kyocera DuraForce for $100 on-contract

Starting November 26, the rugged Android push-to-talk phone joins the regional carrier.

The Kyocera DuraForce is an extra-rugged push-to-talk phone. Kyocera

When the Kyocera DuraForce goes on sale November 26, US Cellular will be the second carrier to offer the rugged Android 4.4 handset, after AT&T.

The 4G LTE smartphone exceeds the usual specifications for resistance to water and dust with a higher spec rating of IP68, and with a military spec rating for extreme weather conditions.

Push-to-talk capabilities make it a phone that's ordinarily bound for use in business and government, where walkie-talkie style communication is a major boon, though you can buy it for yourself for $100 on contract.

The phone also sells off-contract, for a total of $400. Alternatively, you can buy the phone in 20 monthly installments of $20.

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