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US Cellular dangles $300 credit to attract customers

For a limited time, the carrier will credit customers for switching carriers and turning in their old phones. Yes, even broken models.

US Cellular will pay you for bringing your old, cracked phone.

US Cellular

US Cellular on Thursday introduced a limited-time promotion that rewards customers for defecting from another service provider. Starting today, customers can earn up to $300 for porting their phone number from another carrier.

US Cellular faces stiff competition from a number of larger wireless providers. Each of the bigger players has its own incentives designed to steal away customers. Typically, most carriers will pay off early termination fees or reward new customer for porting their phone number to the new carrier. US Cellular's new promotion, while somewhat similar, is still unique.

In short, US Cellular will give customers a $300 credit for porting their phone number and turning in their old phone. Indeed, the carrier will even pay for devices that have a cracked display. The credit comes in the form of a $100 promo card at point of sale, followed by a $200 card mailed 6-8 weeks later.

In addition to the limited-time deal, US Cellular is also offering a buyout for those who have to break a contract with another company.