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US Army finds security in the Mac

It turns out that an Apple a day keeps the hackers away.

The US Army is starting to buy Macs in order to improve its resistance to security threats. It makes sense that having the army completely standardized on Windows is a bad idea, just as being completely standardized on Macs would be a bad idea. Perhaps enterprises should take note?

Wallington, a division chief in the Army's office of enterprise information systems, says the military is quietly working to integrate Macintosh computers into its systems to make them harder to hack. That's because fewer attacks have been designed to infiltrate Mac computers, and adding more Macs to the military's computer mix makes it tougher to destabilize a group of military computers with a single attack, Wallington says.

So far, only 20,000 of the Army's 700,000 computers are Macs. You have to start somewhere. An Apple a day...keeps the hackers away.

Via Slashdot.