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Uruguay to buy 150,000 One-Laptop-Per-Child machines

OLPC gets its first real success in Uruguay.

This just in from the One Laptop Per Child project: Uruguay is set to order 100,000 machines, with another 50,000 to follow (at $199/machine).

LATU Uruguay, the government entity testing both Intel's Classmate PC and One Laptop Per Child's XO computer has rated the XO-1 the better option for the children of Uruguay's Florida province, 56.84 points to 53.06 points.

Now the findings are not official yet, as all the bidders have five days to contest the process, but this is a stunning upset for Intel and a resounding confirmation for OLPC. LATU will be purchasing 100,000 laptops for children, with an option to buy 50,000 more, at $199 per laptop.

Mui bueno!