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A fancy urban AeroGarden is down $150 today

For fresh herbs always at the ready.


It's summer and everything's coming up roses. Well, not everything, obviously, but this AeroGarden Bounty Elite urban garden, for instance, could be coming up roses, or herbs, or lettuce or whatever else you decided to grow in it. The point is this urban garden is perfect for keeping farm fresh herbs and produce at your fingertips and it's on deep discount -- down $150 to just $280. For reference, the same model is $430 on Amazon where it gets extremely positive purchase reviews and ratings.

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The unique AeroGarden urban gardening system allows you to grow a select amount of herbs, vegetables and flowers in any season, even if you don't have any outdoor space. It's a soil-free stainless steel vessel and holds up to nine seed pods that grow in water only, via 50-watt LED lighting that emulates sunlight for healthy growth. This AeroGarden Bounty Elite garden system also has a digital panel for simplified control, automatic watering reminders and Amazon Alexa integration for voice control.