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Uphill struggle for Web services

In response to the Aug. 23 Perspectives column by Gordon Van Huizen, "Web services: Is it CORBA redux?":

Mr. Van Huizen is exactly right when he compares Web Services to CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture). Having seen CORBA relegated to obscurity for its lack of productivity gains, I see a similar problem for services. What's worse with the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) version is understanding what it really takes to make a call in the face of lacking standards for business and service interfaces.

I've asked myself a hundred times, "Why wouldn't I simply use a posted XML doc using a good published schema to achieve this?" It's really that simple. Forming XML documents (data islands) and making HTTP calls are two things that almost anyone in any language can understand and do. Given how long it has taken Microsoft to knock off their Java clone and get some framework in place, it clearly isn't going to be an easy task to offer services that they think people will pay for.

Alan Marcinkowski
Boston, Mass.