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Upgrade your PDA

Upgrade your PDA

Updates! Get your updates here. If you own a Palm LifeDrive or one of the new Windows Mobile 5 handhelds, listen up. Palm, Microsoft, and Dell have issued updates to their respective products, and they're definitely worth a look.

First, the LifeDrive. You can download the software upgrade from Palm's Web site, and improvements include:
  • Improved Wi-Fi coverage in low-signal areas
  • Improved file-system stability
  • More flexible multimedia functionality, including file transmission over wireless connections, file saving, and faster recording and playback
  • Updates VersaMail to version 3.1C for improved ability in attaching large documents
  • For Windows Mobile 5 devices, Microsoft issued ActiveSync 4.1. There have been numerous complaints about connectivity issues with the new WM 5 PDAs, so the update should fix those problems and allow for easier and faster synchronization between your handheld and PC.

    Finally, Dell has posted ROM updates for its Axim X51 series. The updates should help improve performance and battery life, which fell short in our CNET Labs tests. The updates for the X51v and the X51 are available from Dell's support site.