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Updates and Web Sites

Updates and Web Sites

GoMac 1.4 is now out. This is a "system utility which adds keyboard program switching, a program bar and a customizable start menu to the Mac OS. Version 1.4 sports several new features, makes some aesthetic adjustments and fixes bugs."

Visibility 1.0 lets you select invisible files or folders and make them visible. Simply launch the application, choose the file or folder and click on the show button(s). Especially useful if you used some other utility to make a file invisible and don't know how to find the vanished file to make it visible again.

Look Ma No Hands allows you to access Mac OS 8 contextual menus with just a mouse click

Spellswell 2.1.3 updater fixes a crash bug in the 2.1.2 and older versions. The crash only happened when starting up and only happened the first time or first few times you would run Spellswell.

One Click Add-ons: InsertText is the first of planned weekly Add-ons to One Click. It is like a glossary utility. Download it from the WestCode web site.

Kaleidoscope Resource Page is a collection of info, news and links to Kaleidoscope related information on the Web.

A new MacTip page offers a "comprehensive, up-to-date, list of all officially released, supported, software updates from Apple newer than Mac OS 8."

A German Mac news site has debuted.

There is a new URL for Niji.