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Updated Peel remote app for iPhone controls Dish or DirecTV boxes over Wi-Fi

The Peel remote app returns to iOS with the ability to control satellite TV boxes over Wi-Fi.


The Peel remote app is a big hit on Android, where it comes pre-installed on HTC, Samsung, and ZTE tablets and phones, using those models' built-in infrared blasters to act as makeshift touchscreen clickers. But the app has been MIA on the iPhone since the outboard Peel Fruit blaster faded away a few years ago.

That changes today, however, when the free Peel app returns to iOS -- with a handy workaround for the iPhone's lack of a built-in IR blaster. The app will instead control newer DirecTV and Dish Network satellite TV boxes and DVRs directly over Wi-Fi.

While the Wi-Fi workaround is undoubtedly a good trick, it should be noted that it will restrict Peel's control to just the satellite box. Don't expect the iOS Peel remote to control any other devices, like your TV or sound system, so it likely can't be used to adjust volume, for example.

In addition to duplicating the basic buttons of a standard remote, the Peel app also provides on-screen program guide and search options.

If you're not a DirecTV or Dish subscriber, rest easy: Peel says that it's "looking to add additional functionality with other cable, satellite and multiple-service operators in the near future."