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Updated Google Voice offers pair of widgets

An update to the popular Google service provides home screen access to common features.

Google Voice widgets Google

An updated version of Google Voice hit the Android Market today with the primary change being the addition of two desktop widgets. Available for all phones running Android version 1.6 and higher, users now can access messages from their in-box much quicker than before.

The Voice Inbox widget makes it possible to scroll through transcribed voice mails and text messages just tapping an arrow key. Clicking on a message will open it within the Google Voice application where users are presented with the normal options such as calling, texting, or deleting.

The second "Settings" widget allows for quick access to popular features like composing a message, toggling dialing preferences, and setting the phone to "Do Not Disturb." For those who use Google Voice to call internationally, you'll be pleased to learn that the widget also displays the current account balance.

The upcoming T-Mobile G2 will be the first phone to have this new version of Google Voice integrated into the device. In a wireless first, new customers will be able to sign up for a Google Voice account directly from the handset.