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Updated Celluon virtual laser keyboard just 'clicks'

Celluon Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard makes a cool idea cooler by adding gesture-sensitive sounds to add "clicks" to keystrokes.

The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard runs on a rechargeable battery that's supposed to last for 150 minutes. ThinkGeek

I'm going to take entirely undeserved credit for improving the laser-powered virtual-projection keyboard offered by Celluon and ThinkGeek.

In a pinch to turn my iPad into a fully functional writing tool, I tried out a variety of Bluetooth-capable, iPad-compatible keyboards on deadline. One of them was ThinkGeek's original Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard, which projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface.

It paired. It worked. But it threw me off as a writer because--for whatever neurotic reason--I needed that ole-fashioned keyboard "click" to prevent me from hunting and pecking my way through articles.

Now, Celluon and ThinkGeek are lauding the arrival of the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. Not only does it use a prettier, almost liquid interface for its laser projection, but it brings the "click" as the gesture recognition software employs sounds to indicate keystrokes and control gestures.

I gave it a try and can confirm that everything functions as well as before, with those clicks providing a little extra confidence that you're hitting the right spots as you write. Its Bluetooth connection still buddies up with iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, and iPod; many Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry smartphones; and most laptops.

The more experimental version of the virtual keyboard isn't for everybody, and its price ($170) definitely makes it more exclusive than scores of other Bluetooth keyboards. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard does save space over other models, with its projector fitting in the palm of your hand. And, I challenge anyone to use this gizmo in public and not attract a crowd of people looking to try it out for themselves.

No, you don't have to use it in the dark. Celluon/ThinkGeek