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Update to Google Play Store includes colorful layout

Tweaks to marketplace's user interface includes colorful home buttons and improved layout spacing.

Google Play home page. Google

On the evening before the Google I/O keynote address, the Web giant has spruced up its Google Play Store.

Version 4.1.6, which appeared Tuesday night, features colorful home buttons for the store's App, Movies, and Games categories, as well as improved spacing for the "open" and "install" buttons on individual application pages.

The Wishlist feature also sports a card design that displays apps in rows of three from left to right instead of the previous top-to-bottom list view.

Meanwhile, Google Play Services has received new synching options for "App Data" and "People Details," which may be intended for what's expected to be Google's new games platform.

It's likely that we will learn more about that during Google's three-hour keynote Wednesday.

CNET will be there to cover every detail in a live blog that begins at 9 a.m. PT.

The update's design tweaks are part of Google's effort to create a simpler user interface with an emphasis on easy content discovery. A dramatic redesign launched last month featured a lighter background and larger images, with a goal of improving the overall entertainment experience.

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