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Update: The not-so-stealthy BlackBerry Stealth revealed

Update: The not-so-stealthy BlackBerry Stealth revealed

Research in Motion has made no secret about its plans to add multimedia features to its future BlackBerrys, but the company hasn't revealed any specific models or time frame for a release. Of course, you can always rely on the good ol' Web to offer up some juicy rumors, and sure enough, there have been rumblings about a multimedia-capable BlackBerry, code-named Stealth. Well, it looks like someone has done some reconnaissance work, because Mobility Today is showing off some photos (and for once, they're not blurry) of the device, which has been renamed the BlackBerry 8100. From the images, you can see that it has an integrated camera and a music player. The phone also has T-Mobile branding, which contradicts earlier reports of it coming out on Cingular. That's not to say it won't--it just may come out on T-Mobile first. Now, we're always a bit leery of these leaked images, but we hope these are legit since it appears to be a pretty slick device.

Update: Engadget Mobile now has a report that the BlackBerry Stealth/BlackBerry 8100 will be called the BlackBerry Pearl and launch with T-Mobile on September 18 for $199. Specs include a built-in camera with flash and zoom, a media player, a 65,000-color, 240x260-resolution screen, a Micro SD slot, 64MB of internal memory, and EDGE support.