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Update: Rhapsody's coming to a Clix near you

iRiver officially teams up with Rhapsody to offer an optimized experience with the music service on the Clix.

Jasmine France

Update: I just got word from iRiver that--unlike with the Sansa-Rhapsody deal--you will not need to buy a new 2G Clix in order to enjoy the Rhapsody DNA experience. Current owners of the player will get access to a free firmware update, which is expected to become available on the iRiver Web site sometime in July. Very nice.

This morning, iRiver officially announced a partnership with Rhapsody that optimizes the second-generation Clix for use with the music service. Although the player was already compatible with subscription tracks from on-the-go services (Rhapsody included), it now includes Rhapsody DNA. This new software integration adds Rhapsody-related interface options (see pics) and lets To Go subscribers transfer Rhapsody Channels to the player. Also, Clix players sold after today will come in new Rhapsody-branded packaging. The partnership is basically all about branding--though you won't be seeing an "R" attached to the end of the Clix (as with the Sansa e200r). Still, although the Clix interface was already great, the optimized experience does make it a bit better for Rhapsody To Go subscribers.

Jasmine France/CNET Networks

Story originally published 5:01AM July 9, 2007.