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UPDATE: Panasonic unveils all-in-one budget home theater systems for 2008

Panasonic 2008 HTiB line includes three sub $500 models, flip-down iPod docks, high end Blu-ray model.


Panasonic has detailed its 2008 home-theater-in-a-box line, which includes three models in the consumer-friendly sub-$500 range. In and of itself, that's not big news--except that we've frequently found Panasonic HTIBs (such as 2007's SC-PT750) to deliver a great bang for the buck.

All of the systems come with five-disc DVD changers, iPod flip-down docks with audio and video playback capabilties, and HDMI upscaling up to 1080p. Furthermore, the $400 SC-PT760 and $500 SC-PT960 models include a wireless rear speaker module in the box (it's sold separately as an upgrade on the entry-level $300 SC-PT660). The SC-PT760 comes with front speaker stands while the SC-PT960 has tallboy-style front-, left-, and right-channel speakers. For a more detailed look at what each system has to offer, consult the chart after the jump.

On the high-end, Panasonic's SC-BT100 includes an integrated Blu-ray player (that's Profile 1.1 compatible to boot). The yet-to-be-priced system will compete with the currently available Samsung HT-BD2 when it's released in May 2008.