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Update on PC Gaming Alliance initiatives

Link to Big Download's interview with PC Gaming Alliance's Randy Stude

Randy Stude, president, PC Gaming Alliance Intel

Gaming site the Big Download posted an interview with the PC Gaming Alliance President, Randy Stude, last night that gives an update on the PCGA's progress on a variety of issues facing PC gaming we discussed in our own interview last June.

For one, it seems the PCGA is getting closer to providing guidance on hardware specifications, although he made clear it's not working on a specific standard. Stude says, "We are still hammering away at this and expect to provide an update at the Game Developers Conference [[March 23-27]] this year." In our interview, Stude told us the PCGA's strategy for hardware specifications was still in its formative stages.

We'll let Big Download tell you the rest (it's their interview, after all), but Stude also provides updates on the PCGA's piracy initiatives, alludes to the Gamers' Bill of Rights, and also shares his Steam ID. Check it out here.