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Update: events on Imeem

Through Imeem's events monitor, I found out that 70s jazz fusion legends Return to Forever are coming to my local theater in two weeks.

Note: I corrected this entry to make clear that Imeem licenses its event listing information from Jambase.

A quick follow-up to my earlier post on Imeem. A representative of the company contacted me to let me know about some of the other services offered on the site, including one that lets you find local events. Testing this feature in "search by venue" mode, I discovered that Return to Forever, whose 1973 album Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy is one of my favorite jazz records (fusion for you purists), is coming to my favorite Seattle venue in a couple of weeks.
Imeem's event listings not only show you who's playing where, but let you listen to the artist's songs while deciding whether to buy a ticket. Screenshot

There are already live-music listings sites out there--in fact, Imeem licenses its listing information from JamBase, which has been in my bookmarks list for years. The nice benefit Imeem currently offers over Jambase: while I'm looking at the tour date and considering whether to buy tickets, Imeem streams music from the artist, reminding me why I liked them so much. If only they had a connection with Ticketmaster so I could buy the ticket on the spot....