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Update: Browzar leaves tracks after all

Update: Browzar leaves tracks after all

Last week I wrote about Browzar, a new Internet Explorer-based browser shell that its makers claim leaves no traces behind. I tried the product before I wrote my blog post and it appeared to work as advertised.

Now I must angrily report that I've been duped. Browzar does, sometimes, leave tracks. They're not as easy to find as the records left by the native Internet Explorer application, and Browzar also leaves incomplete trails, rather than the full history that IE does. But in several cases, I was able to recover clear HTML files from pages I visited using Browzar. Even when I ran Browzar directly from a USB thumbdrive, it left traces of its activity behind on my host computer.

In sum, the current version of Browzar is not reliably secure and does not perform as advertised. Alternatives include Firefox and Safari, both of which have privacy functions. Even Microsoft's own Internet Explorer can optionally erase files it creates during surfing.