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Update What gives?

All these rumors of big iPhone updates like pasting, mass sms-texting, GPS, but with only a 1.1.3 designation, what gives?

It has been a while since Apple tinkered with the iPhone and its firmware. While the developer pack applications and free-for-all rages (For example, this week I saw a neat app that allows you to call internationally via VoIP-like interface; stay tuned), I keep getting notifications from fellow-iPhoners of leaks and teaser shots. Considering that the firmware update would be only a "1.1.3," all the screenshots and anticipation that have been featured by bloggerswho know a whole lot more than me, I still wonder (and am skeptical) if these features are forthcoming. I'd guess that these features would be worth a 2.0, or maybe even a 1.2 designation. But until the real update comes out, I'm not holding my breath, although if the features are really like those teased about... well then whoo hooo! I'll have egg on my face, but I'll be able to mass-SMS about it.