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Upcoming Octovo Kindle light shines

Kindle accessory maker Octovo sent us an early review unit of its upcoming Kindle light, which is due out in March for $29.99.

Sarah Tew/CNET

One of the most noted downsides of the Kindle and other E-ink based e-readers is that they don't have a backlight for reading in darkened environments. Sure, you can just turn on a light, but things get problematic when you want to read in bed while a significant--or not so significant--other sleeps.

We got our hands on an earlier sample of Octovo's new $29.99 Kindle light, which is sleeker than most book lights we've encountered and also offers nice uniform illumination for your Kindle. Compared to M-Edge's popular e-Luminator2 ($25), which slips into a variety of different M-Edge Kindle covers, the Octovo light is clearly better. The key is how easy it is to attach and an LED that covers the entire reading area with even illumination (and yes, it's bright, though it's hard to tell from our shots).

The Octovo light is due to ship in March and includes a small carry case. The company may also do lights for other e-readers, including Sony Readers and the Barnes & Noble Nook. Check out the exclusive video: