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Upcoming: Microsoft earnings report will have live coverage this afternoon of Redmond's results. For now, here's a preview with some things we'll be keeping our eyes on.

With Yahoo's earnings out of the way, all eyes will be on Redmond Thursday afternoon as Microsoft issues its quarterly earnings report.

Any mention of Yahoo is sure to draw attention, though we're unlikely to get more in posturing than we have already gotten this week in appearances across the globe from CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft will also be watched closely for its comments on the macroeconomic picture as well as any change to its expectations for the PC market or business spending on technology.

Of course, some people may tune in just to see how Microsoft itself is doing. The company is officially expected to report earnings of around 44 cents a share with sales of $14.5 billion, roughly what the company predicted back in January. As for its outlook for the current quarter, analysts expect Microsoft to earn 48 cents per share on revenue of $15.56 billion.

ZDNet colleague Larry Dignan has a good list of things to watch as well.

We'll have a quick post once the report is out Thursday as well as a live blog covering the earnings conference call.