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Until Dawn DLC is possible but don't expect VR version, dev says

The PlayStation 4 horror game could get downloadable content, but only if the developer can find the right context for it.

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games has said it is open to the idea of supporting the PlayStation 4 horror game with downloadable content (DLC).

"The underlying 'truths' in the story are pretty sacred," the game's executive producer Pete Samuels told PlayStation Lifestyle. "If an expansion of any kind required us to change a truth then we wouldn't be happy doing it. We get asked a lot for a happy ending for one character in particular. We can't see how that could work without breaking some important truths. I'm not ruling out DLC, we just haven't yet found the right context for it."

In addition to DLC, Samuels recently said Supermassive is thinking about a full-on Until Dawn sequel. The game has sold better than Samuels and Sony itself imagined. According to PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida, Until Dawn could be a "sleeper hit" that continues to sell well into the holiday season.

Also in the interview, Samuels said fans hoping for a PlayStation VR version of Until Dawn should not hold their breath. It's not happening, at least not anytime soon.

"PlayStation VR cropped up in conversation a few times during development but no, we don't expect that there'll be an edition of the Until Dawn story to be playable in VR anytime soon," he explained. "Not unless somebody has a sudden rush of blood!"

GameSpot scored Until Dawn 8/10, while the game was generally well-received across the board.