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Unsure about that rash? Don't worry, I have my cell phone.

The Mayo Clinic and Digital Cyclone team up to create a virtual first aid kid on your mobile phone

Find first aid on your phone.

Is that cough a symptom of some larger medical problem? Wouldn't it be great if you had the Mayo Clinic's knowledge at your fingertips?

On the go hypochondriacs and Internet diagnosis-seekers can rejoice as the Mayo Clinic and Digital Cyclone are beaming health information to your cell phone. The application, dubbed Mayo Clinic InTouch, has a symptom checker, first aid tips and can give you the location of the nearest emergency room via GPS.

To be clear, this service isn't meant as some sort of DIY replacement for 911. But at $2.99 a month, it could be a cheap way to buy some peace of mind. For now, it's only available on Verizon and Sprint phones but the Popgadget blog says it's scheduled to be released on Alltel and Cingular phones soon.

Here's a video of InTouch running - it's not thrilling footage, but it's a good rundown of what to expect from the application. And no, this won't help you heal when the cyborg animals attack.