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Unofficial 'Firefly' Serenity Lego kit goes on sale

Lego may not be feeling the love for "Firefly," but that hasn't stopped a dedicated fan and Lego designer from putting together the ultimate Serenity model kit.

Serenity Lego kit
You can't take the Lego Serenity from me. Thomas Lockwood

Earlier in the year, a "Firefly" Serenity spaceship Lego playset gathered 10,000 supporters on Lego's Cuusoo site. Cuusoo is a little bit like Kickstarter for Lego geeks. Fans put kits together, gather votes, and have a shot at Lego putting their projects into production.

Lego Serenity, however, failed to pass Lego's review process to become reality. One reason Lego gave is that "Firefly" contains content that's inappropriate for its core target audience of children ages 6-11. I wonder what did it. Was it all the cursing in Chinese?

Fortunately, Lego and "Firefly" fans are much more resilient than that. The kit's designer is now offering eager builders an opportunity to buy the kit and make their own 2,186-piece Serenity ships.

The kit builds an impressive 2-foot-long model with an opening loading ramp, a light-up Firefly drive, playable dining area, and a cockpit that can hold a mini-fig. The mini-fig kit is sold separately for $85.

If you're a Lego nut with access to a lot of pieces, then you could just download the free parts list and make your own version. Everyone else can get in line to buy the $385 kit. Demand has been so great that the kit is backordered until early next year.

This kit is nowhere near as massive as the 70,000-Lego monster created by a fan earlier in the year, but it still weighs in at over 5 pounds. Feast your eyes on this gallery from the giant Lego Serenity and get inspired to build your own smaller version.

(Via Nerd Approved)