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Unlocked Moto X Developer Edition already sold out

In less than 24 hours, Motorola has run through its initial stock of a CDMA Moto X and Droid Maxx that come with unlocked bootloaders.

Moto X's developer edition comes in straight up black and white. Motorola

Some things about Motorola's Moto X are unconventional, like its funky curved back and assembled-in-America customization. But the rollout of the Moto X, which began with AT&T and slowly spread to other carriers, has been painfully conventional.

Finally this week, tinkerers got their wish as two developer editions of the Moto X and another for Motorola's Droid Maxx went on sale, all with unlocked bootloaders.

There must have been some pent-up demand for digging into the digital guts of Motorola's latest offerings. The Droid Maxx Developer Edition and CDMA version of the Moto X Developer Edition that comes with a Verizon SIM card are both already out of stock on Motorola's Web site.

Both phones sell for $649. Apparently, that price tag doesn't come with the opportunity to customize your nerdy Moto X in Moto Maker. The order page only offers a "special black and woven white Developer Edition design."

A GSM version that comes sans SIM and works on AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States will be available Friday.

There's some chatter online over whether a Google Play edition of the Moto X is still forthcoming in addition to the Developer Edition. It was my understanding from speaking with one of Motorola's VPs at the August unveiling of the Moto X that we could expect an unlocked version, but he didn't specify whether it would be a "Google Play" device or not.

I've reached out to Motorola for clarification and will update this post when I hear back, but my bet is that these developer editions are likely to be the only unlocked versions of the Moto X we see for a while.

Of course, Android fans can also hold out hope for a deal on an upcoming Nexus 5, which is expected any week now. The pure Android Nexus 4 from LG and Google was offered unlocked at the bargain price of $299.

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