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Unleash your inner food critic on Yelp for Android

A small but significant update lets you bookmark businesses and draft a review for later publishing.

Yelp on Android
Start your own review in Yelp from Android. Yelp

We're big fans of most Android apps that can help us get the skinny on nearby restaurants and bars, Yelp included. We weren't overly impressed with Yelp's initial attempt for Android, however, but the last two updates have brought it closer in line with Yelp's other mobile apps.

A small but significant update on Wednesday fills in two missing holes in Yelp's features roundup. First, you can now bookmark a business from the phone to view later. Thankfully, you can remove bookmarks as well. Second, opinionated Yelpers can draft a review of a business from Android for later publishing on

We've never liked this unpublished review mumbo jumbo, but Yelp steadily withholds reviews publishing from all its mobile apps. Publishing a short tip on Yelp for iPhone is as close as you can get in the mobile sphere, a provision that does Android users no good. If Yelp continues to insist on publishing full-length reviews only from, we're hoping it will at least bring quick-tip publishing to its other mobile platforms as well.

Yelp did mention that mobile check-ins--the social networking activity of letting others know where you are--should arrive in the next Android iteration.