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Unix, Linux, and Mac housing projects

What happens when you cross a house with an operating system? You might be surprised.

This is one of the funniest, best posts I've read in a long time. Randy Jensen wrote it back in 2007, but it just popped up on Digg today. I had never read it. It's hilarious.

Jensen compares different operating systems to types of houses, and comes up with some gems like this:

Windows is the government housing. The houses are built quickly, cheaply and go up anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately since they were all built so cheaply, you end up spending twice as much later to keep the place standing.

And this:

Linux is the carpenter/designer's dream house. The foundation is rock solid and is inspected every year by thousands of the best carpenters all over the world. The house is everything you want, if you know what you're doing. It's all there for you. The doors, windows, walls and roof. You 'get' to assemble it yourself any way you like....

Everyone on the block is envious and wants to know how you bought such a beautiful house so cheaply. After you explain to them that you built it yourself, they leave in disgust and never talk to you again because you're one of "them".

As for the Mac? "The floors are so clean there is a mirror reflection of every item in the house and the lights are positioned perfectly to make everything look just perfect...just the way the owner wanted it, so don't touch!" Classic.