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Unix admins: Meet the Beard Head

With a beard and 'stache warmer built in to your hat, you can keep warm and look, well, beardy.

Beard Head
I arrrrrrrrrr cold! Mike Karikas

Some of you have beards. I know, I've seen them. Now, I know this isn't a gadget per se, but it's not fashion, either. It's got a function. You need to protect and care for your beards, lest you lose your Linux admin superpowers.

Meet Beard Head, the hat that gives you a warm layer of artsy hair to cover your face in the cold.

Beard Head
Anyone looks good in one, or at least hairier. Matt Hickey

My editor mentioned these to me and I jumped at the chance to write about them as my friend Michael Karikas just got a Beard Head and wore it out a couple nights ago. Being me, I had my camera and took photographs.

Michael actually wears it snowboarding, so his is for Serious Business, but anyone in a cold area could benefit from the warmth a beard and 'stache can provide. They come in four styles: Lumberjack (brown), Viking (yellow), Pirate (black), and Grandpa (gray), and only cost $24.99.

That may seem high to some of you, but having handled one of these things I can attest to how well-made they are. Not only that, but they're customizable. For $4.99 more, you can make the 'stache a fu manchu-style, with more styles coming soon. I'm looking forward to the Mario version.