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Universal releases 'Tokyo Drift' on DVD and as download

Movie studio allows CinemaNow to make film available in "download-to-burn" version the same day as DVD.

Universal allowed CinemaNow to release a download-to-burn version of the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" on Tuesday, the same day as its official DVD release.

The download-to-burn version of "Tokyo Drift" is priced at $9.99, and includes the same bonus features offered on the official version. A "Burn to DVD" movie, as CinemaNow refers to it, is a movie that is legally downloaded, can be burned to a blank DVD and then viewed on a DVD player. Movie downloads are popping up more and more. In early September, Amazon announced a download movie service called Amazon Unbox and Apple announced that it would be . EZTakes also offers a movie download service similar to that of CinemaNow.