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Universal Pod attaches camera to almost any surface

This Spiderman-style disc-shaped gizmo can attach itself to almost any surface and hold camera equipment up to 15 ounces.

Universal Pod

Tripods are indispensable for taking long-exposure shots, but more often than not, they are relatively bulky to carry around. So we were pleased to stumble upon the Universal Pod, a Spiderman-style disc-shaped gizmo that can attach itself to almost any surface Note the emphasis is on "almost" as Trendhunter didn't specify what surfaces the Universal Pod won't adhere to.

The secret lies in the viscoelastic polymer base, which sticks on firmly and, according to the site, peels off without leaving any residue.

The Universal Pod can hold up to 15 ounces of equipment, which is about the weight of a superzoom camera. The sticky "tripod" can be had for $29.99 at online retailer Skymall.

(Via Crave Asia)