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United's gadget-friendly skies, for a fee

Business Class goes digital.


Now that our appetite's been sufficiently whetted by the idea of on-board Wi-Fi thanks to Qantas, there's no stopping our fantasizing over dream-flight accommodations. After all, a gadget fiend can't live by surfing alone.

Case in point: United has figured out that it's not enough to make Business Class passengers comfortable with seats that are actually big enough to fit a human body. Sometime this year, according to SCI FI Tech, the airline says it will begin adding 15.4-inch LCDs, XM satellite radio, noise-canceling headphones, an iPod adapter and a USB port to each seat in that cabin. Unfortunately, however, the rest of us will be stuck in Economy with the usual low-tech appointments crammed into sardine-size dimensions. But we're not bitter or anything.