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United Airlines, your unfriendly skies need these new slogans

Twitter kindly offers up a batch of new mottos for the beleaguered airline. Now serving punch!

Twitter delivered a first-class takedown of United Airlines on Monday after horrifying video footage of a paying passenger being dragged from his seat made the rounds.

But now it's a new day, and United needs a new motto, because "fly the friendly skies" isn't cutting it anymore, for obvious reasons.

Twitter has plenty of ideas. Some played off United's various logos, some toyed with the CEO's tone-deaf statement in which he apologized for "having to re-accommodate these customers."

Take it away, sloganeers.

As some travelers pointed out, this could be a real opportunity for United's competitors to rebrand themselves.

And while that Southwest tweet isn't from the airline itself, Royal Jordanian Airlines really did get into the game with this dig.

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