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Unisys unveils database bundle

The systems maker introduces a Windows-based package combining server hardware, database software and storage for large enterprises.

Systems maker Unisys has introduced one-stop shopping intended to simplify database server setup for big companies.

Unisys said Monday that it was shipping a bundle of hardware, software, storage and services targeted at large enterprises that needs to support between 7,000 and 27,000 customers, and from 1 terabyte to 9 terabytes of storage. The systems are priced from $150,000.

The database bundle is based on Unisys? ES7000 servers and uses Microsoft?s Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, the software maker's high-end version of the Windows operating system for database applications.

Unisys said it has also partnered with Intel, Brocade Communications Systems, EMC, NetIQ and Veritas Software for additional hardware and software included in the database bundle.

The Blue Bell, Pa.-based company said the bundle allows customers to implement database servers more quickly than if they assembled systems piece-by-piece.

For Microsoft, which is attempting to push Windows into the enterprise, the deal is especially significant. Most high-end database systems are traditionally based on mainframe or Unix operating systems.

Unisys said the bundles are available for clustered and nonclustered server systems.